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Photos by Mae Koo.


created & performed by Diana Wyenn
co-written by Diana Wyenn & Guy Zimmerman

What do you do when one of the interconnected systems which malfunctions is your own? ​​​​​

Historical perspectives and staggering statistics collide with personal narrative, projections, Shakespeare, and original movement to give embodied expression to the complexities of living with a chronic illness. Creator Diana Wyenn, who has Type 1 diabetes, places her story and body at the center of the work, as both a carrier of disease and a vehicle for theatrical transmission. Co-written by Wyenn and Guy Zimmerman, Blood/Sugar challenges the binary of health and illness to create a vivid account of the life-sustaining self-care that diabetes demands of more than 422 million people worldwide.

Each performance is followed by a conversation between Wyenn, the audience, and local diabetes nurse specialist Ellen Coonerty, RN, BSN, BA in Education, CDE.



Creative Team

Diana Wyenn, creator/writer/performer

Guy Zimmerman, co-writer

John Zalewski, sound design
Jason H. Thompson, projection design

Joey Guthman, lighting design

Rebecca Carr, costume design

Lauren Campedelli, voiceover

Laban Pheidias, stage manager

Cassie Holzum, assistant stage manager
Plain Wood Productions, producer​

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Blood/Sugar received early development support from LADADSpace and these performances are support part by Che’Rae Adams, Reena Dutt, Tim Handley, Daniel Jimenez, Dmitry Kmelnitsky, Aliza Lesser, Dean Petrakis, Lucy Redoglia, Carol Wyenn, and Raymond Xifo.

If you are interested in supporting the future of this project, donate here. If you would like to bring a performance to your community, email Diana at



Past Performances


July 20-22, 2018

Teatro Latea at The Clemente

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

post show conversation with Ellen Coonerty, RN, BSN, BA in Education, CDE

April 21, 2018
New York University's Frederick Loewe Theater

post show conversation with Ellen Coonerty, RN, BSN, BA in Education, CDE and Maria Elena Rodriguez, RD, CDN, CDE

May 15, 2017
Cornerstone Theater Company 
post show conversation with Lauren Decker, MS, RD, CD and Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD

February 24 & 25, 2017
Highways Performance Space​

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