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Artist: Dr. Zwig

Label: Combustible Music / BMI Conscious Records

Director: LABAN


Exclusive with

Creative Team

LABAN, director

Julie Bersani, producer

Diana Wyenn, producer

Grant Schubert, DP

LABAN, Editor

Jeff Morris, 2nd Camera

Britt Keller, Production Design
Tahryn Smith, Production Design Assistant

Jesse Hotchkiss, SFX Operator

Jason Tapia, SFX Operator

Andrew Clark, Gaffer

Danozone, Key Grip

Evan Hart, Sound Engineer

Francesca Roth, Wardrobe
Emma Choy-Brown, Wardrobe Assistant

Victoria Amoscato, Wardrobe Assistant

D'nelle Almanza, HMU

Edder Sandoval, HMU
Brandon Kelly, Colorist & Titles

Rebecca Rufer, Production Coordinator

Daniel Edelman, PA
Rachel Werbel, PA


Fidelia Grace (Isabelle)

Cameron McCormick (Mother)

Ryan Gowland (Father)
CC King (Sister)
Jack Gross (Brother)

Christian Kelley    
Del Zamora
Emma Choy-Brown
Guy Picot
Henita Telo
Ian Shade
Irene Georgerian 
Jeff Thomas Coppage
Joanne Nguyen 
Joey Courteau
Josiah Rizzo
Rebecca Rufer
Stella Ademiluyi   

Sound Credits

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